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What is a vital record?

A Vital Record is a personal document issued by the US government as proof of a significant life event. There are four different types of Vital Record: Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce.

At any time a US citizen can make a formal request for any of these Certificates for themselves or in certain cases on behalf of a third party. It is your legal right to have access to these official certificates

These certificates, also known as records, present the vital information regarding the corresponding event including such pertinent information as names, dates, locations etc. and can be used for various means depending on the needs of the applicant.

Why do you need a vital record?

There are several occasions when it is necessary for a US citizen to present a vital record as proof of an important life event. Sometimes these may be requested as standard for example, when applying for a passport, obtaining a driver’s license or similar, registering a child in the school system or for employment.

There will also be times when it is not necessarily obligatory however it is beneficial to have a Vital Record Certificate handy in order to facilitate application processes such as those for credit cards or other memberships.

Additionally, applying for Vital Record certificates is common for those researching their geneology.

Vital Record Certificates

There are several services you can request regarding a Vital Record Certificate: a new vital record certificate, a replacement certificate and a certified copy of the vital record.

A vital record certificate serves as the official record of a vital event in a person’s life. This is a referential form of identification for many other applications, requests and to process other official documents.

The official vital record certificate that you will get when you apply through Online Vital US will display the vital information recorded at the time of the event including full names of the people involved, dates, locations and other important details.

Depending on the state where the event took place, there may also be additional information recorded which is not required nationwide.

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Vital Record Services

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