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Useful Hints

  • How do I request a birth / death certificate?

    To request a birth certificate you are required to complete your state’s application form, attach a copy of a photo-ID, pay the state fees, and mail it to Health Department office. Please note, that in some cases the state requires that you have your application notarized.

  • What documents to I need to request a birth / death certificate?

    The request a birth or death certificate you must be eligible, facilitate a copy of a valid photo-ID, that must also include your address and signature. Some states will require that you prove your identity by having your application notarized and mailing the sworn letter along with your application. Instructions on how to have your application notarized are included in our customized instructions package.

  • What are the fees to request a birth / death certificate?

    The fees for birth and death certificates vary from state to state. Check all the information regarding the vital records fee of your state. Online Vital US charges a transparent service of $49 fee for our filing assistance service.

  • How long does it take for the state to process my request for a birth / death certificate?

    Processing of vital records applications varies from state to state. Each state’s turnaround time depends on number of applications received. Check all the information regarding the processing times of your state.

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